Squalan certification

Natural, plant-based, organic, vegan, dermatologically-tested… the list of cosmetic certification labels appears to be endless. At a first glance, this would seem to be a positive development but in fact the opposite is true. Cosmetics companies bombard us with so many claims and certification labels that we become overwhelmed and have no idea what to purchase any more. This is ironic when you consider that certification labels are there to make the purchasing process easier.


Cosmetic certification is often misleading

Take, for instance, an organic label: it may seem to be genuine until you find out only 80% of the ingredients need to be organic to meet this label’s certification standards. This instantly raises alarm bells about the remaining 20% of ingredients. To be fair, however, cosmetic companies face significant challenges as well when trying to decide which certification labels should be used for their products. Certification is an expensive procedure and companies spend a great deal of money getting their products certified.

Which certification labels are truly 100% cruelty free and 100% allergen free?

We put a lot of thought into the cosmetic claims that would describe and promote Squalan. Squalan is a natural, allergen-free, plant-based skin care line that is not tested on animals. Our products boast amazing beauty benefits that will really work wonders for your skin. Our certification labels prove the ingredients in our products will not cause allergic reactions and that they are 100% natural and 100% cruelty free.

Vegan: are animal-derived ingredients really necessary in cosmetics?

The vegan consumer requires absolute certainty that their skin care products do not contain any animal ingredients. They can rest assured when using Squalan, a Dutch brand, that has developed a skin care line made from pure squalane – a vegetable oil derived from sugar cane. Squalane is identical to squalene, a substance found naturally in the skin. The skin starts producing less squalene as we age, which is why it loses much of its elasticity and radiance. Fortunately, Squalan provides the perfect solution by allowing consumers to replenish their squalene levels via external application. We recommend applying just a few drops of squalane to your skin in the mornings and the evenings to revive it and give it that healthy glow. You will see results within a matter of weeks.

Many cosmetics and skin care products contain animal-derived ingredients such as lanolin, keratin, or beeswax, making them unsuitable for vegans. Cosmetics companies claim their products cannot be made without animal-derived ingredients. We beg to differ as we know there are plant-based alternatives for each and every kind of animal product. All it requires is a little extra time, effort, and creativity, but it really is possible to make a lip balm without using any beeswax or lanolin.

Squalan is 100% vegan and cruelty free and we do not sell our products in countries that require testing on animals.

Cruelty free

Squalan is a certified cruelty-free company, meaning our products are not tested on animals. Many skin care brands and cosmetic companies claim to be cruelty free, but in reality this is only true for their products sold in Europe. If their products are sold in China, for example, they will have to be tested on animals as this is mandatory under Chinese law. Squalan is 100% cruelty free as its products are not sold in countries such as China. Sophie, the Netherlands’ cruelty-free expert and owner of naoki.nl, investigated our cruelty-free claims and gave us a big thumbs up in this area. Squalan has also been included on the international list for cruelty-free brands.

Allergy certified

The Squalan skin care line does not contain parabens or perfumes, nor any other ingredients known to trigger skin allergies. This non-greasy oil will not elicit allergic reactions and gives the skin exactly what it needs. It restores the skin’s natural balance so that oily skin becomes less oily, dry skin becomes hydrated, and healthy skin becomes even more radiant. Our products have been approved to carry the ‘Allergy Certified’ label since 2018. This means all of the ingredients in our products have been tested and approved by toxicologists working for the international certification organization, Allergy Certified. Children and people with sensitive skins can therefore safely use Squalan as none of the ingredients in our products will cause allergic reactions.

Squalan can substantiate and make the following claims:

  • is Allergy Certified (certified)
  • won the International Allergy Certified Award for ‘best product chosen by consumers 2018
  • 100% vegan (certified)
  • is fragrance free
  • 100% cruelty free (certified)
  • 100% plant based
  • contains squalane, a fatty substance found naturally in the body
  • is paraben free
  • is allergen free (suitable for very sensitive skins

If you are interested in trying Squalan’s wonderful oil, we recommend ordering one of our sachet sets first as each set includes all four of our products: Pure Squalan, Squalan Moisturizer, Squalan Cleanser, and Squalan Eye serum. Ordering a sachet set allows you to test our products without spending a lot of money (the sachet set is free, you will only be required to pay the delivery charge equalling €2.95). Try out our sachet set and experience the skin-enhancing benefits of using these pure, all-vegan products. Order the sachets here.