Our story

We are two passionate, skin-care experts who had literally tried everything in terms of skin care, until we discovered an ingredient the body actually produces itself. We were elated that this ingredient actually worked and that our quest for the perfect skin care product had finally ended. The result was Squalan, a skin care line that soothes, calms, and repairs the skin. Squalan uses only natural, ethically-sourced ingredients that strengthen and support the skin. Squalan is the solution for anyone looking for safe and reliable skin care that is 100% natural.



I was fortunate enough to be born with good skin and did not really suffer from acne as a teenager. However, after puberty, I had to undergo a series of operations and take antibiotics, which had some profound effects on my body. I gained a lot of weight, developed digestive issues, and had very sensitive skin as well. I spent a lot of time researching these types of problems until I finally understood the impact diet has on the body and skin. I adopted a healthy lifestyle and saw how this healed my body – I felt in control again.
My skin will always require extra care but Squalan helps keep it clear, even in the most challenging of times, and this gives me peace of mind.


I have always had sensitive skin, even as a child, and it was very painful. Unfortunately, I exacerbated my skin problems by wearing make up to work. I did this for many years until my skin became really bad. I tried everything I could to make the symptoms go away but nothing helped, not even very aggressive products. I became increasingly frustrated and had to resign from my job. I could not wear any make up at all any more. It took me more than ten years to find a solution. Pure Squalan turned out to be a revelation for my skin. I spent two years testing this ingredient, both on myself and others. At the end of those two years I was sold, and decided I would make it my mission to share this ingredient with the rest of the world. After all, everyone deserves to have healthy, radiant skin. I feel confident about my skin care regime now and that has significantly reduced my stress levels.

And then we discovered our Holy Grail

We both had experienced the misery of a severe skin condition and we were both entrepreneurs at heart, so we decided to join forces and find the perfect cosmetic ingredient that offered amazing skin benefits. It has long been proven that natural products and few ingredients provide the best kind of nutrition. Why should this be any different for cosmetics?
Our quest for the perfect ingredient eventually led us to squalane, an ingredient that is identical to a substance found naturally in the skin – although this decreases with age. Humans and animals alike produce this sebaceous substance. Newborn babies have very high concentrations of squalene in their skin, but this decreases with age. By the time we reach our thirties, we produce so little squalene that the ageing process begins.

Squalane almost seems too good to be true: a substance that occurs naturally in the body and can easily be sourced from nature to replenish depleted levels in the skin! The great news is all skin types react well to squalane: dry skin becomes less dry, oily skin becomes less oily, and healthy skin takes on a more radiant, youthful appearance. In short, squalane restores the skin’s natural balance.

Skincare that actually cares for the skin

Squalane ensures elastic, supple skin, is especially moisturizing, and penetrates deep into the skin. Squalane makes the skin soft and smooth without leaving a greasy film behind. Moreover, it soothes skin problems like eczema and rosacea. Damaged skin is repaired, the skin’s natural elasticity is maintained, and age spots are reduced. The squalane found in our products is 100% derived from Ecocert-approved sugar cane.

After extensive testing and research, we decided to develop a cosmetics line based on this remarkable oil. We wanted to create cosmetic products with squalane as their main ingredient, and we wanted the other ingredients found in the line to do more than just serve as filler. Because we want to be open and honest about our ingredients, we describe them in detail on our website.

Our sustainably produced products contain no parabens or alcohol and are 100% plant based, animal free, and vegan.