Frequently Asked Questions

De Pure en de Moisturizer zijn beiden gezichtsoliën. De Pure bestaat uit 100% squalane, de Moisturizer bevat één extra plantaardig ingrediënt die het vocht 24 uur in de huid vast houdt. De Moisturizer wordt met name geadviseerd voor de vochtarme en rijpere huid. De Moisturizer kan als after sun of als masker dienen om de huid een boost te geven. Je gebruikt de Pure of de Moisturizer naar behoefte. Je kunt dus beide oliën gebruiken als dag en/of nachtverzorging.

You can get pimples of oil when you use an oil that clogs the skin. (this is called comodogenic). When you use an oil that is NOT comodogenic, it will have the opposite effect and reduce pimples and get the fieriness out of it. Your skin experiences Squalan Pure as a skin-like substance which immediately brings the skin and disturbed sebum production back into balance.

The oil nourishes the skin sufficiently for the day and / or the night. However, it does not bite with other products. The Pure can very well be used as a serum, the product that is applied over it is even better absorbed by the skin.

Opinions differ about that. Our advice is to clean the face well in the evening with a mild Cleanser that does not dry out the skin. The skin also contains good bacteria and with frequent cleaning of the skin you were gone. If you have a profession where you regularly wear make-up, it is wise to clean your face more often. This is to remove residual makeup remnants.

That is absolutely possible! The Eye serum has an extra firming effect due to the added oils and works on lines and bags. It is very nice to use the eye serum once a week as a mask or boost for your face.

Het klopt dat dit in sommige gevallen voor kan komen.
 Je kunt het zien als een “detox” van de huid. Het vuil wordt eruit gewerkt en meestal is dit binnen een week verdwenen.

Zie ons blog over purging

Yes, the skin under the eyes must also be taken care of. Each Squalan product is suitable for the area around the eyes.

Squalan products do not contain SPF. It is difficult to make a sun product with only vegetable ingredients (vegetable filters) and leaves no white glow on the skin. The Pure is very suitable to apply under an SPF so that the skin is well taken care of. The Moisturizer is very suitable as aftersun.

We have been working on developing and testing a Squalan product with SPF for two years, but it is not yet that we are 100% satisfied with it and it fits into our concept.

When you use a foundation you can apply it directly. The Squalan mixes very nicely with foundation so that the skin immediately gets a healthy glow. During the day, when the foundation dries out a little, you can divide a small drop of Pure over the finger tips to give the skin a small touch-up.

If you like more of a matte complexion, you can let the oil soak in for a few minutes before you powder your face.

Because everyone has the same organ: The skin. Although everyone has their own skin type and skin condition, the solution can be the same. The Squalan Pure returns a substance that recognizes every skin type as skin, thereby restoring every skin. It is universal and good for everyone just like water.

The Cleanser is indeed also suitable for removing mascara. Apply a small amount of Cleanser around the eye contour and use two wet cotton swabs to massage over the eye area to loosen mascara, pick up two new discs to absorb the excess. The eye contour is cleaned in all softness.

For the face, apply the Cleanser to the dry skin and massage until the gel transforms into a liquid substance. Then you mix this with a little water then the texture turns into a milky substance, you massage it even before you rinse it with richly lukewarm water.

If you use a lot of mascara (or waterproof mascara) then you can remove any leftovers with a cotton pad with a small drop of pure oil mixed with a drop of water. If you only want to remove mascara, that is also a quick way!

The Pure travel roller should not be missing in your bag because: It is used for a healthy glow during the day, eyebrow modeling hairs, dry spots and or lips instant comfort, a fire or scrape spot softened and possibly a skin reaction (eczema, rosacea ) calms down. So for both our finishing touch and for all big and small kids this roller may not be missing in your bag.

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